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If you’ve ever driven along the Henry Hudson Parkway, you may have wondered about the enormous, vine-covered granite arches on the steep slope of Fort Tryon Park at the northern end of Manhattan.

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Elephant is the first ever to come to America On April 3, 1793, John Bill Ricketts, an English equestrian rider, introduced America to the circus in Philadelphia. Ricketts’ circus featured horses, acrobats, a rope walker, and a clown — but it didn’t have an elephant. As of that date, no elephant had ever stepped foot […]

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A true story of pampered pets and Titanic survivors In the late 19th century and early 1900s, New York City’s acclaimed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel was the site of numerous pedigree dog shows. The first French Bulldog show took place at the luxury hotel in 1898, which, according to the French Bulldog Club of America, secured the […]

From 1897 to 1953, the New York City Post office used an intricate pneumatic tube system to move mail across the city. At the peak of its operation, the tubes carried around 95,000 letters a day, which was about 30% of all the mail routed daily in New York City. Put into operation by the […]

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In 1894, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) agreed to take over the care and control of New York City’s dogs and cats. In order to empower the ASPCA with this authority, a special law was passed in Albany, titled New York Code – Lost and Strayed Animals (Chapter 115 […]