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Everyone knows that despite its nine lives, curiosity kills the cat. For the sea-faring cats in this story, it was curiosity and a war-time ban on ship whistles that left them stranded on the Chelsea Piers ship terminal during WWI and WWII. WWI: Fierce Marine Cats Haunt the Chelsea Piers On January 21, 1917, a […]

On October 27, 1893, thousands of people gathered on East 18th Street near Gramercy Park for what may – or may not – have been a well-orchestrated publicity stunt for a traveling menagerie. Apparently, a giant circus lion named Wallace had escaped his cage inside the small, 12×20 stable at 129 East 18th Street and […]

Jeff and Major were two very large police dogs owned by Frederick Trevor Hill, a well-to-do attorney on Wall Street and a prolific author of novels about politics and the law. On February 20, 1925, the two Irish terriers came to the rescue of Mary Elizabeth Donnet, a 62-year-old grandmother and a member of the […]

John Bevins Moisant, a pioneer United States aviator, was never without his beloved tabby cat, Mademoiselle Fifi. Even when performing aerial maneuvers over cities or racing his Blériot monoplane around the Statue of Liberty, Fifi was always at his side.

On August 29, 2013, two little kittens named Arthur and August shut down the New York City subway service for two hours on the Q and B lines in Brooklyn when transit workers spotted them on the tracks near Church Avenue. The two felines were rescued by a pair of cops and an MTA worker […]