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  On February 28, 1941, Royal Air Force planes bombed Asmara, Eritrea, as the British gained control of the air over East Africa during World War II. Also on this day, Hitler was preparing to give orders to camp commandant Rudolph Hoss for the expansion of the Auschwitz prison camp, to accommodate 100,000 prisoners of […]

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NYPD Mounted Heroes, Part I Since 1871, the year that the Board of Police established the first official Mounted Police Unit in New York City, more than a dozen mounted patrolmen have been killed in the line of duty in horse-related incidents. Most of these men died after being violently thrown from their horses when […]

Part II of a Parkville Precinct Tale I recently told an old New York story about Max, one of five talented young pups from Belgium that comprised the first authentic police canine squad in America. Max rose to hero status in 1907 after leading police to an unconscious man near Parkville, Brooklyn, only a few […]