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When Patrolman Cornelius O’Neil found the yellow dog he named Bum on the streets of Little Italy, the mangy mutt was half-starved and trailing remnants of a pack of firecrackers by his tail. Patrolman O’Neil decided to rescue the dog and make him the mascot of the newly designated 12th Precinct of the New York […]

On September 8, 1902, the operetta “Robin Hood” opened at New York’s Academy of Music. The opera was produced by The Bostonians, a touring theater troupe that performed operettas written by America’s foremost composers. “Robin Hood” was the first successful operetta written by Americans—librettist Harry B. Smith and composer Reginald De Koven. On the third […]

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Weighing 20 pounds and standing about one foot tall, Susie was a jumbo cat. She was also the terror of the rats on the Kerr Steamship Company pier at the foot of 57th Street in the Bay Ridge section (now called Sunset Park) of Brooklyn. Susie would often kill up to 10 rats in a […]

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NYPD Mounted Heroes, Part II A few weeks back, I wrote about two New York police officers who were killed in the line of duty while patrolling the streets of Brooklyn on a horse named Bulb. Now I’d like to share a happy story about Harry, a wonderful horse who served with the Prospect Park […]