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Recently, I wrote about Tom, the mascot of New York’s City Hall from 1891 to 1908. Tom may have acted as if he were the king cat of New York, but that’s probably because he didn’t know about his feline counterpart in Brooklyn. Jerry Fox, an enormous tiger cat “of striking appearance” who performed heroic […]

Once upon a time – June 1908, to be exact – an eccentric pseudo-princess portrait painter came to New York City. This beautiful auburn-haired princess loved all kinds of animals and despised people who were not kind to them. She told the press (via her private press secretary, Frederick M. Delius) that she lived by […]

Although it is still illegal in New York to bury pets in human cemeteries, historically speaking, that’s a fairly new law. Up until 1949, pet owners could bury their furry companions in the family plot, provided the cemetery or other deed owners had no objections. There are a few famous dogs buried in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood […]

The following story is dedicated to the family of Martin J. Keese, the most famous custodian of City Hall in the history of New York. It was a cold and wet day in 1891 when the homely tabby kitten with white paws first tried to make New York’s City Hall his manor home. Somehow he […]