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A century before there was Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Street Cat Bob, and all the countless felines inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame, there were the “movie cats” that rose to stardom during the silent film era. I’m not talking about Felix the Cat, the cartoon cat that made his first appearance in 1919 […]

Oscar Hammerstein had a farm (EIEIO). And on this farm he had a watermill, a windmill, a pond with a bridge and two boats, a few stone houses, a vegetable garden, a donkey, a turkey, a rooster, four hens, a near-sighted monkey, three peanut monkeys, several sheep, 1 duck and 4 ducklings. The main attraction […]

Shortly after the Plaza Hotel opened in New York City in October 1907, afternoon tea at the iconic hotel became a popular way for the women of high society to idle away the hours. The tea room – later called the Palm Court – was patterned after the informal rooms at the Ritz in Paris […]

This past week, my mother and I visited the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Westchester County, New York. You may recall one of my earlier posts about Princess Lwoff-Parlaghy and her pet lion, Goldfleck, who was buried at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery after living a very short life at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Or […]