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Last week I went to my neighborhood United States Post Office to mail some packages to family on the west coast. As I was deciding whether to use parcel post or priority service, the clerk asked me if the boxes contained anything that was liquid, fragile, or had batteries. The clerk did not, however, ask […]

“Rex Moore died at his post. July 30, 1919, age 7. Always a most faithful and loyal friend to his master.” – Headstone for Rex Moore, Hartsdale Pet Cemetery Ever since the apartment boom of the late 1800s, New York City architects and builders have been assigning names to apartment buildings. According to Elizabeth Hawes, […]

This is a tale about the last of the great millionaires of Old New York, a man who not only outlived William B. Astor, A.T. Stuart, and Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt, but who was once the wealthiest bachelor in New York State. It’s a true story about a man with the most expensive pasture in the […]