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1895: Nicodemus, the Prize-Winning Alley Cat of New York Prankster Brian G. Hughes

Posted: 28th February 2015 by The Hatching Cat in Uncategorized

Mr. Brian Hughes died the other day at his farm in Monroe, N. Y., and with his passing New York lost its master jokesmith, the originator of countless practical jokes that made everybody laugh, even their victims. Although a successful banker and manufacturer, he was more widely known for his ability to joke than for […]

1910: Mike, the Extraordinary Trolley-Riding Fire Dog of Engine Company 8

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Mike was no ordinary fire dog. In fact, he was no ordinary Dalmatian. As the son of Oakie and Bess, two of the most famous mascot dogs in the history of the Fire Department of New York, he was destined for greatness. Oakie was raised in Newport, Rhode Island on Oakland Farm, the residence of […]

1900: The Parrot Who Cried Murder in Madison Square Park

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I once wrote about Sir Oliver, The Lambs’ mascot parrot. In 1900, Sir Oliver was a matinée idol who had a habit of going off script and speaking out of line on stage. When he wasn’t performing, he spent his time startling customers with his “fowl” language in a bird shop on Broadway. I have […]

1904: Siamese Jane, the Sacred Cat of Siam That Was Smuggled Into Brooklyn

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Centuries ago, Siamese cats lived a life of luxury in their native Siam (now Thailand). Some of these exotic felines lived within palace walls as the regal pets and mouse catchers of Siam royalty. Others served as valued guardians of Buddhist temples. In 1878, the first documented Siamese cat to reach the United States moved […]

1913: The Upstate Farm for Inebriates and Retired New York Fire Department Horses

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Part II of the Fire Horse Heroes “These old hero-horses, as I think they should be called, deserve a better fate than city pavements until they die of exhaustion. On the farm in Warwick we have 800 acres of wonderful rolling country. We have a lake over a mile long. We have hills and streams. […]