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During World War I and World War II, hundreds of cats from all over the world were left stranded on the Chelsea Piers in New York when the troopships they had stowed away on left the harbor without them. The news media called them the “Chelsea Pirate Cats.”

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On February 20, 1946, the Liberty ship SS Warren P. Marks arrived at Chelsea Piers (Pier 60) on the Hudson River carrying 81 dogs and “one live cat from Bremerhaven, Germany.” The dogs and cat had all been obtained overseas during World War II by American soldiers who wanted to keep them as pets back home.

Everyone knows that despite its nine lives, curiosity kills the cat. For the sea-faring cats in this story, it was curiosity and a war-time ban on ship whistles that left them stranded on the Chelsea Piers ship terminal during WWI and WWII. WWI: Fierce Marine Cats Haunt the Chelsea Piers On January 21, 1917, a […]