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Part I: Buster and Topsy, the Rival Police Cat Mascots On the evening of December 6, 1911, the men of the old Eldridge Street police precinct in New York City’s Lower East Side moved into the brand-new station house occupied by the men of the old Delancey Street precinct. The large modern building at the corner of Clinton and […]

From the day he was born, Homicide was destined to be a police cat. No one knows where he came from, or if he ever attended Police College, but the flat-footed feline knew exactly what it meant to be on the job in New York City.

When Patrolman Cornelius O’Neil found the yellow dog he named Bum on the streets of Little Italy, the mangy mutt was half-starved and trailing remnants of a pack of firecrackers by his tail. Patrolman O’Neil decided to rescue the dog and make him the mascot of the newly designated 12th Precinct of the New York […]

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NYPD Mounted Heroes, Part I Since 1871, the year that the Board of Police established the first official Mounted Police Unit in New York City, more than a dozen mounted patrolmen have been killed in the line of duty in horse-related incidents. Most of these men died after being violently thrown from their horses when […]

Part I of a Parkville Precinct Puppy Tale In 1907 the Police Department of the City of New York, under the command of Police Commissioner Theodore Bingham, sent Inspector George R. Wakefield to Paris and Ghent, Belgium, to look into acquiring some police dogs. Police dogs had been gaining popularity in Europe since their first […]