Reference List

By The Hatching Cat

Here are some of the sources — including online archives and books from my own collection — that I use to discover and verify these true animal tales of Old New York:

The New York Times Archives
Fulton History Old New York State Historical Newspapers
New York Historical Society
Museum of the City of New York
Brooklyn Historical Society
Queens Historical Society
The Bronx County Historical Society
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Brooklyn Public Library

Lost New York (Reiss, 2011)
Forgotten New York (Walsh, 2006)
The New York Chronology (Trager)
Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898 (Burrows & Wallace, 1999)
Inside the Apple (Nevius & Nevius)
Manhattan in Maps: 1527 – 1995 (Cohen & Augustyn, 1997)
Our Firemen: The History of the New York Fire Departments, Volunteer and Paid (Costello, 1887)
Badges of the Bravest: A Pictorial History of Fire Departments in New York City (Urbanowicz, 2002)
History of New York Ship Yards (Harrison)
The Eagle and Brooklyn, Volume 2 (Beecher Howard)
The Life Savers, A Story of the United State Life-Saving Service (Otis, 1899)
Fire Fighters and Their Pets (Downs, 1907)
New York City Police (Ruff & Cronin, 2012)
Our Police Protectors (Costello, 1972)
Dog Heroes of Many Lands (Ives, 1922)
New York as it was and as it is (Disturnell, 1876)
The King’s Handbook of New York City (1892)
The Iconography of Manhattan Island, 1498-1909 (Stokes, 1915)
The Historical Atlas of New York City (Homberger, 1994)
The Greatest Grid (Ballon, 2012)
Staten Island: A Walk Down Memory Lane (Sublett, 2004)
Forgotten Queens (Walsh & Greater Astoria Historical Society, 2013)
The Borough of the Bronx, 1639-1913 (Cook, 1913)
The Bronx (McAuley & Hermalyn, 2010)
The Story of the Bronx (Jenkins, 1912)
Old Brooklyn in Early Photographs (Younger, 1978)
Lights and Shadows of New York Life (McCabe, 1872)
Gathering of Animals (Bridges, 1966)
The Peaceable Kingdom in Hartsdale (Martin, 2013)
The Central Park Zoo (Scheier, 2002)
The Park and the People: A History of Central Park (Rosenzweig & Blackmar, 1992)

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi, This is quite an incredible site! I am finishing up my theatre history dissertation on performing animals and would like to cite your research. I don’t want to post my email here but would like to email you. What is a good way to do so?

    • So glad to hear you enjoy the site and that it’s helping you with your studies! You can email me at I have quite a few stories on my site about performing animals, so I can lead you to those if you haven’t found them already. I look forward to hearing from you.